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PC Pro: Nominet – no security revamp for domain

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PC Pro: Nominet – no security revamp for domain

PC Pro writes “Nominet has no plans to introduce the mandatory security measures included in the .uk domains announced this week in its existing addresses.   Nominet launched a shorter .uk version aimed at businesses, promising additional security features.

Under Nominet’s .uk proposals, companies would be required to have a physical UK presence, while the domains would include routine monitoring and notification of malware and a DNSSEC digital signature which minimises the risks of a domain name being hijacked”.


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BBC: Shorter .uk internet domain proposed by Nominet (01/10/12)

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Plans to offer UK-based firms shorter internet domain names backed by added security features have been proposed.

The scheme would give businesses the chance to register as their web address. It would run alongside the current service.

Applicants would have to prove they had a UK presence and pay a higher fee.

A three-month consultation is under way. Some companies may oppose the move on the grounds they already face having to buy other new net addresses.


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